Use Your Library Voice

June 28, 2011

Across the nation, yoga teachers are harnessing kids quiet associations with the library as a catalyst for yoga programs. I subscribe to several news alerts that feed my inbox daily good news about all things youth yoga. It’s becoming normal to see several new library yoga classes cropping up every week. Librarians from cities large and small have contacted me about using our teen yoga DVD to offer yoga amongst the stacks.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach yoga at dozens of schools across Los Angeles and beyond. I’ve taught in many different areas of very diverse campuses including computer rooms, dance studios, gyms and fields. By far the most appropriate setting I’ve found is the library.

It’s not such a stretch. Libraries are the center of learning. Kids tend to respect the space as a place for new discovery. Most importantly, kids are accustomed to being quiet and contemplative in the library. Perfect for yoga. In contrast, yoga classes under the hoops, while absolutely possible, can elicit the competitive spirit  usually present in the paint.

If your school is fortunate enough to still have a library (writing that makes me want to cry) give it a try! Or find a local public branch willing to move a few desks for a little yoga to happen. Librarians are some of the most helpful people on Earth. Get one excited about your program and success is a sure thing.

Know any library yoga programs in your area? Leave details in the comment section and we’ll promote them in our social networks.

More kids doing yoga = a planet that feels more peaceful. Like a library.


7 Responses to “Use Your Library Voice”

  1. Darcey Ward Says:

    I offer free kids yoga classes at our public library a few times a year, as does another teacher I know at a nearby library. I think this is a great way to bring yoga to families who might not seek it out. As a result our librarians are now adding kids yoga books and dvd’s to the children’s collection. I love that even though I may not see new faces in my classes as a result of my lilbrary class, that maybe a family has been inspired to check out yoga items to try at home.

  2. Darcey Ward Says:

    Oh, and I agree, librarians are the most helpful people on earth!

  3. bethanyoga Says:

    As a librarian and yoga teacher, I find they go together wonderfully! I began offering teen yoga a few years ago at our library. I discovered that parents wanted to come also, so it became more of a teen/parent class. Soon Storytime yoga and family yoga followed too. Offering this for free, I had teachers contact me to come into the schools before state testing, which has gone over great. The kids this year were especially open for me to be there. I love sharing the two things I love most and to hear the positive feedback. Love and Light. Om.

  4. Alicia L Says:

    A librarian friend approached me two years ago to teach a free class at a library in my area. While we are not always quiet, we are always learning and always having fun! Those classes are some of my favorites and usually my most well-attended! I’m an avid reader, so being in a library setting is calming and comforting for me. Some of the students have mentioned checking a DVD out of the library and trying yoga at home. I’m hoping to expand the class to other libraries in our county sometime soon. Thanks for the post on this topic!

  5. Dan Fugate Says:

    “If your library…” Wow, is this actually happening?

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