Benefits of Yoga for Youth: Group Activity

October 19, 2010

People often ask me for a list of the potential benefits of yoga practice for children and teens. Here I’ve provided a starting place for creating a comprehensive list. Please fill in with any additional benefits. I will compile them all into one list and repost for communal use. Please invite friends to participate!


  • Overall muscular strength and tone are increased
  • Increased muscular strength contributes to joint health
  • Aids in digestion and elimination
  • Boosts metabolism and weight loss
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Builds balance and coordination
  • Improves overall body awareness


  • Develops concentration and focus
  • Teaches students how to work with their minds
  • Releases tension
  • Improves quality of attention
  • Develops mind/body connection


  • Promotes emotional awareness and ability to manage emotions
  • Encourages calmness
  • Teaches students to respond, rather than react
  • Promotes self control


  • Boosts confidence
  • Teaches self respect and respect of others
  • Encourages altruism
  • Develops empathy


  • Encourages connection to inner self and innate wisdom
  • Enhances understanding and experience of interconnectedness


  • Enhances learning readiness
  • Encourages self-discipline

Teach kids about the health benefits of practicing yoga. Kids are more likely to be dedicated to their practice when they understand the immediate and lasting positive effects of yoga.


3 Responses to “Benefits of Yoga for Youth: Group Activity”

  1. Aruna Says:

    This is so useful for every teacher who’s advertising a class.

    I love to read advertising books to help me communicate the benefits of yoga. One thing I’ve read often is to take all the benefits one step further and tell people why it is a benefit. So for example:

    – Overall muscular strength and tone are increased and since muscle burns more calories than fat, kids can get healthy faster and can stay healthy much easier.

    – Develops concentration and focus, qualities that help get homework done and good marks on tests.

    The thing is to not make unfounded claims but to show exactly why these are benefits.

    That’s what I try to do when I post benefits. They say in the advertising books: “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.” Although for yoga maybe it would be “Don’t sell the apple, sell the crunch.”

    • Abby Wills Says:

      Aruna, thanks for your brilliant input. You’ve taken the game to a whole new level. I completely agree with you. It’s incredibly useful to offer the “why” when communicating with parents, teachers and admin, too. Thanks for being a critical thinker!

  2. Excellent summary! Love Aruna’s comments as well – tying it all in is so key to true understanding of the potential impact of yoga lifestyle – for adults and children!

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