The Sound of Peace

January 16, 2010

To build context and develop the meaning of peace, I often use inquiries to prompt discussions with students. I’ve used the simple question, “What does peace sound like to you?’ for years in yoga classes with children and youth. Here are a few of my favorite answers:

~ “The garbage truck.” Diego, 4

~ “My mommy’s voice.” Sasha, 5

~ “The dismissal bell.” Paul, 13

~ “Sound of fat baby feet on a wood floor.” Teacher

~ “Ooh la la.” Catherine, 4

I love that we can all find peace in many different ways. This diversity of experience brings beauty to even the mundane.

What does peace sound like to you?


One Response to “The Sound of Peace”

  1. The wind in the trees. Always been my favorite sound. It immediately puts me in a peaceful state of mind with all things in perspective.

    I love this question idea and will be using this next week. Thank you!

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